Friday, September 4, 2009

I Despise Shana -___-

this is about the england selection silly .its more occupied with chelsea player :P . and what ? glen johnson replaced Gary Neville ! and i heard the one playing in middle are two world class midfielder like Gerrard and Lampard . Carrick Plays , But Sub Cause Gerrard And Lampard And Gareth Barry ! :P Carrick loses to Gareth Barry ! and striker , what rooney only ? I like blues blues blues ! blues for porn ! blues for sea ! blues for i wish i had it for my colour eyes ! and blues for shana <3 hahah no la ....fine...goooo REDS

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Im Tired This Song Keeps Playing ,

Ambik Kau ! Masuk Sekolah 12 45 Dan Sepatutnya 12 30 ! :P . Masuk Kelas , Terus Gelak Tak Sampai 5 Minute Debut Selepas Pulang Dari Sekolah *kening . PJ Cancel oh vijaya bodoh ! pastu ejek murali 'ni semua salah bangsa kau ! ' ahahaha . chai juan fei admitted that chinese was yellow . racist to his own race haha . this is ikhwan reporting you LIVE at sahur . and yes Steven Taylor is not moving from Newcastle United ! Wooot ! And Red Sucks 0:


Cause Tonight The Night The World Begins Again ,

To Shana : Apa Ni ?! Rooney And Brown Je MU Main Untuk England ?! Bahahahaha ! Chelsea Is Lampard , Terry , Ashely Cole And JoeCole If He's Not Injured :P Ferdinand Injured

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

To Leave The Memory Alone ,

woke up at 5PM . thats two days in a row now . and my mum doesnt mind :P . darn it , oh how i wish risette was my girlfriend T_T . or rachel mcadams , oh ! taylor swift would do..but theres still selena gomez . well , ambil semua je la . haha . school is starting and i HATE it . the next vacation better be 2 weeks this time . bukan boleh pj pn . and did you know how i celebrate merdeka ? i played harvest moon . and i just realize it was merdeka when it was already 1 september ! hahaha takda semangat negara . biasa la , dah kata ikhwan


Friday, August 28, 2009

A Story Aboout A Girl ,

ok since i dont know what to write about anymore . i think ill make this blog about what i think of shana .

A Innocent 14 Year Old Girl (NOT) Thats Full Of Mischeif . She's The Hardcorest Person I Had Ever Met . Even Ozzy Osbourne Would Jump When She See Her . She's Short But I Think When We Both Were Still At SKUSJ 12 , We Were At The Same Height . That Mean's We All Grew Bigger Than Her ! :P . The Most Think I Like About This Girl That She Won't Give Herself To Man Like Girls These Days . Even If A Man Would Try And Do That , She Would Fight Back Cause She's A Fighter (: . Oh , And Boys , She Play's Hard To Get Or So I've Heard . Im Her Dad's No.1 Fan Cause Her Dad Is In The Army And I Find Her Dady Sexually Attractive <3 Hahaha . I Started Calling Her Baby Sha Ever Since I've Heard Her Mother Call Her Baby Sha . Darn It , I Still Owe Her That Kelly Clarkson Song That She's Been Asking xD . Her Braceface Is Not The HALF Of Why She's Adorable .

P/S Shana : Red Still Sucks But I Still Put The Font In Red :D Well , Its Cause Its Your Favourite Colour :P


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Once Upon A Time ,

woke up at 4pm and the first thing i saw was Rachel McAdams At TV ! so i instantly watched the white chick . i own a astro max so i kept watching it over and over again.i think i already memorized the script of the movie.tonight hillary simon sudah hilang akal . he didnt knew beaten barcelona 1-0 . it was like 1-2 weeks ago ? . oh how i wish shana would look like Rachel McAdams . ;D ceh .i just notice that RED is the colour of revenge,pain,blood,suffering.yes this is to you shana haha.and since u puji i at ur blog . i puji balik la (: . shana ur as cute as cute as a pile of snow and ur smile heals the world . haha

adios amigos ~

Monday, August 24, 2009

Curiosity Killed The Cat

harini bosan ! pergi CC at 3 pm and play counter strike with danial . we played 6 on 2 . we won only 1 time XD . Then danial played GTA Vice City , dia jumpa kereta sport cun . pastu kena langgar cause i tekan arrow button :P i played TrinityRO it was ok. level 76/40 in less than one hour .alif and abedol dah balik when me and danial just arrived so lepak with syazwan.pergi kedai dvd , and i bought Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak for RM 7.syazwan nk beli dvd but i lied to him that i only had RM 3 :P well thats it for today la kut ? oh oh and terawih selamat anak kucing . well not me la , ariff XD . shana , RED is GAY

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Song I Chose For Her (:

I've Been Alone So Many Nights Now ,
And Im Waiting For The Starts To Fall ,
I Keep Holding Out For What I Don't Know ,
To Be With You , Just To Be With You .

So Here I Am Staring At The Moon Tonight ,
Wondering How You'll Look In This Light ,
Maybe Your Somewhere Thinking About Me Too ,
To Be With You , Theres Nothing I Wouldnt Do .

And I Can't Imagine Two World Spinning Apart ,
Come Together Eventually ,

And When We Finally Meet , Ill Know Its Right ,
Ill Be At The End Of My Restless Road ,
But This Journey Was The Worth To Fight ,
Just To Be With You .

And When You're Standing Right In Fron Of Me ,
Thats When I Know That God's Here For Me ,
Cause He Still Had Answered Every Prayer ,
Which Is ,
Just To Be With You .